Totally not a book review. RooSport 2.0 Magnetic Pouch Review

As the title suggests I won’t be covering a book review but a really nifty little product that helps me consume books.

Consume books?  Yup!

So I’m a runner. A trail runner to be more specific which means I’m always carrying a big, clunky iPhone 6 when I’m pounding the trails. One thing that really helps me be able to read so many books is that I’m one of Audibles biggest fans. For every four books I read probably 3 of them are audio books.

In addition to being an avid runner I’m also an entrepreneur which really means I often have too many irons in the fire and I’m always on the go.

The way I’ve solved the problem of being able to listen to audiobooks while running is by using this amazing little magnetized running belt that locks over my waistband.

The Running Buddy

The Roosport running belt is super comfortable and stays in place while you’re running and since the phone is in between your pants and your skin it doesn’t bounce around either.

This thing is super tough (washable) and well made and apparently they’re selling like hot cakes at running events around the country which is where I got mine.

It has an interior pouch that holds stuff like your cell phone, passport, keys and ID’s.

The exterior zippered pouch was primarily designed for The Roosport Power Bank which is a 3,000 Milliamp Lithium battery which is rechargeable.

This exterior pouch can also be used as an Epipen carrier, change or paper currency so it’s great for traveling.

They’re Made in the USA come in several different colors and sizes and are built to last.



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