Sell or Be Sold Book Review

Grant Cardone’s Sell or Be Sold Book review.Sell-or-Be-Sold-book-review

I’d heard of Grant Cardone years ago but never paid much attention or listened to anything he’d put out.

After all I thought he was just a sales trainer for car salesmen. I’d done my stint in the auto sales industry and desperately tried to forget that year of my life…

Perhaps it was because I sucked at selling and feared the thought of selling something to someone.

The truth is that the economy would collapse if we took sales out of the picture.

The premise of the book is that someone is always selling or being sold.

Selling sucks if you don’t know the process

If you’re trying to launch a career in sales you’ll soon discover that the conversational dance between you and your customer.  A dance of seller versus buyer.

You’ll either identify the pain point and demonstrate enough value to your customer and sell them, or they’ll sell you on one of many objections and you’ll be out of a deal.

Selling is not closing.  Selling is identifying a customers complaint, pain or problem and showing how your product or service is the right solution to meet their needs.

You’ll need to master all the potential objections and identify the real reason someone balks at what your offering.

Being able predict the objections thrown at you and having a rehearsed response will increase the amount of deals you close. It simple, if someone isn’t sold on what you’re offering you haven’t built a strong enough case that your solution will solve their problem.

The biggest objection I get is “I need to talk to my partner” or wife and If you don’t know how to respond you’ll bomb.  The proper response to the statement “I need to talk to my partner” is,

“What are you gonna do if they say no?”

You need to identify what the partner would object to, by stating “Would they say no to the product or the price?”

If they say “Price.” you now know you could remove some of the features to seal the deal.

If they state “Product” you know you need to revisit the benefits of the features your service or product survives.

I don’t want to give away much more in the book as it’s a great read but pick up a copy of Sell or Be Sold and put a supercharger on your sales skill and become a professional at the art of selling.



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